Tan Nguyen

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Graduate Student


Year joined: 2021

Tan grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, and started at The College of Southern Nevada (CSN). He then transferred to Arizona State University (ASU) in 2010 to earned his BS in Biochemistry (Medicinal Concentration). While at ASU, he worked under the direction of Dr. Edward Skibo (ASU) to synthesize ene-imine and quinone methide monomers to prepare receptor molecules. After graduating from ASU, he worked various jobs before completing his MS in Chemistry from The University of Memphis (UM) in 2018. While at UM, he worked under the direction of Dr. Timothy Brewster on the synthesis of heterobimetallic iridium/rhodium-aluminum complexes.

After graduating from UM, he then worked a year as an Assistant Professor at CSN, teaching General and Organic Chemistry courses. Later, he decided to go back to school and pursue his PhD at Texas Tech University. His future plan is to move back to Las Vegas and teach at CSN.

In his free time, Tan enjoys running (especially on Las Vegas Boulevard) and reading Total Synthesis books.