Regina Obele

Picture of Regina Obele

Graduate Student


Year joined: 2023

Regina grew up in Anambra state in Nigeria, where she picked interest in polymeric materials due to environmental pollution caused by the production and disposal of synthetic plastics. She obtained her B.Eng in Polymer and Textile Engineering from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri in May 2019. She did her undergraduate research on the transport of solvent through treated and untreated oil bean shell powder filled with low-density polyethylene under the supervision of Mrs. Bibiana C. Aharanwa. She also participated in research that focused on the production of starched-based biodegradable films from jackfruit seed aimed at application in the packaging industries. She decided to go back to school after some years due to passion and call towards academia to further her studies.

She began Ph.D. program at Texas Tech University in the Fall of 2023, where she decided to join Dr. Kristufek lab because of her interest in sustainable materials and polymer chemistry.

In her free time, she loves reading, singing, and cooking.