Gether Coloma

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Graduate Student


Year joined: 2023

Gether grew up in Metro Manila Philippines and got his BS in Chemistry from Mapua University (formerly known as Mapua Institute of Technology). During his undergraduate career, he worked under the supervision of Dr. Tayo and conducted research on cement synthetic biomaterial infused with a linear polysaccharide. After his undergraduate degree, he worked for an international laboratory as their chemist/ICP coordinator. He also worked for a private construction company as their corporate chemist where he addressed different material testing and characterization, radiation safety, waste utilization and private research (superplasticizers and cement science). Gearing up for a challenge, he accepted a management job from an environmental laboratory while simultaneously doing part-time instructor for math and science subjects from a state college. In 2023, he started graduate studies at Texas Tech University and recently joined Kristufek's Research Group.

In his free time, he loves playing board games, watching movies, reading contemporary books, and any outdoor activities.