Ferley Orozco

Picture of Ferley Orozco

Graduate Student


Year joined: 2021

Ferley was born in Cali, Colombia. While in high school, he determined that chemistry was my path. After high school, he had the great opportunity of being part of one of the best universities in Colombia, Universidad Icesi. Due to his determination, engagement, university scholarships (Icesos scholarship), and financial aids offered by the government (Sisben benefit) in his country, he was able to successfully finish his undergraduate studies. Ferley received his bachelor's degree in Pharmaceutical chemistry, where he worked in the group of Professor Giovanni Rojas on synthetic chemistry and spectroscopic characterization. After his undergraduate degree, he had an internship in the sugarcane industry, researching adding value to raw sugarcane via chemical transformations. He worked with Dr. Rojas continuing the research in the area of sugarcane and polymers chemistry for five years, where he was promoted to the Rojas group to laboratory manager. Additionally, he taught organic chemistry lab at Icesi University, and I directed several students in undergraduate projects in Dr. Rojas Group. Recently, he joined Sam's group, where he will continue to work on polymer synthesis.

Outside of work, Ferley likes sleep, playing tennis, and sharing time with family.